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A Través De Ti (ft. Bright Life) – Kyros and Always There For Me (Kyros Remix) – Marshall Marshall

When I discovered Kyros, I was completely blown away by the talent of this artist!  My new opinion is that Kyros is probably one of top 3 most talented artists in CEDM.  No joke; no exaggeration; you must listen!   You can find a top quality remix of almost every EVERY EDM sound at the forefront of the EDM scene right now.  I sat around for 20 minutes debating which of their recent tracks to debut and it was just too hard to choose.  So I didn’t choose a track… I chose two!  First I have their original track, A Través De Ti (ft. Bright Life).  Secondly, I have their excellent remix of Marshall Marshall’s track, Always There For Me. Both are of the same quality and spam play-ability so I’ll be quiet now and let the tracks prove themselves, hahaha.

Oh and, for those who are longtime followers of CES know that I am a sucker for countro, the combination of my two favorite overall genres and also a current sound of EDM.  So if you need something else to listen to, check out NEEDTOBREATHE – Happiness (KYROS remix).  That track is GOLD for popular christian lovers, gospel lovers, country lovers, and EDM lovers alike.

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