My name is Nicholas and I am the owner and operator of CES. Throughout college I struggled in my faith as many young Americans do in today’s colleges and society. Slowly but surely, I drew back to my faith and the love, guidance, and forgiveness of the Lord. During that time in my life, I came to fall in love with the sounds of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I felt a connection to this genre in a way that I had never felt a connection to any other genre before. I found more than connection. In addition, I found ownership in a part of my identity. It is my belief that millions of other people in the teens and 20s age range can relate to this.
From that point forward, I sought out CEDM (Christian EDM) to substitute for my love of secular EDM. What I came to find was amazing. The CEDM scene was prospering more than I had ever expected. The talent present in CEDM was often as good as or better than my favorite secular EDM artists. The only problem that I found was in the organization of the CEDM scene. This problem was not surprising (sadly) within the all too often oppressive Christian music industry.
Luckily, I found a few good resources. The only problem was that these sources suffered from one of many shortcomings. This is what led me to create this site.  Fast-forward a few years to the present day and I can honestly say that the CEDM scene is in a prime state right now. Many talented artists are continuing to produce top quality tracks every day and yet there is still room in this scene for aspiring new artist as well. The mainstream Christian music industry is becoming more friendly to the idea of allowing CEDM artists to be heard. This support is growing on an international level as well.
Through this site, I seek to bring the public a resource for nerve destroying Christian EDM in a user friendly and updated format. I desire for there to be no worries of anything else interfering with that connection to Jesus by us worshipers. My postings on this site consist of songs that are, at a minimum, positive with Christian connections/motivations but I most certainly emphasize Christian songs. Instrumentals or remixes of secular songs may sometimes be present but the artist who produced is a CEDM artist who can often give Godly meaning to secular lyrics or to no lyrics at all.
Please check out our Artists page where you will find a full alphabetical listing of over 300 artists and links to their tracks. We feature artists from over approximately 40 countries. This includes prominent artists in the CEDM scene of all six of the populated continents. We also have a Labels and Promoters page which is an excellent resource for those looking to further plug-in to the CEDM community or find promotion for their music.
Don’t forget that our website is add and pop-up free to allow for the best user experience. Please subscribe to our Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter page for updates when we release a new batch of freshly reviewed tracks. We promise that we will not spam you.
We are looking forward to continuing to serve the Lord and the Christian music community through this site.