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Anchored – Fearless BND

Fearless BND is quite the group. They are a church group comprised of many members, geographically located out of my local extended area, Los Angeles. They are definitely a cross genre group, even posting up their sermons to the world for listening. They seem to revolve around all sounds gospel but that includes some CEDM sounds as well.  This makes for a very gospel-like sound to their CEDM tracks such as this track, Anchored. Talk about powerful! This track breathes the title. It really lets the listener spiritually feel God as their anchor when hearing the sounds of this track. You can definitely hear many synths common to a modern EDM track but the snaps, the bass, the piano, and the temperamental bounce synths really make for the deepness of the track. I love how engaging Anchor is. Thank you Fearless BND!

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