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Aun En La Batalla (JoaInfante Remix) – TWICE

JoaInfante is yet another great artist coming all the way from Argentina. This artist specializes in tropical house and this track certainly showcases their ability! This is a remix of the artist TWICE’s song, Aun En La Batalla, and it is quite the engaging tropical track! From start to finish, there is no boring part of this track. It’s one of those tracks that feels like more and more of one big continual progressive build as you go along. It picks up energy with a building background in the first section followed by a smooth drop into a bigger build, followed by a smooth drop into the chorus, followed by… you get the picture, ha ha! Let’s not forget the pastoral vocal insert at 2:15 which is the final build of the song that really sends it out with a bang! Thank you JoaInfante!

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