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Better (HNG 10 Remix) – Britt Nicole

HNG 10 is great for the health of the CEDM community. this artist seems to focus on mostly tropical house, future chill house and future dub sorts of sounds.  They seem to do well in both their original content and remixes. I really love how HNG 10 has taken tracks that are incredibly popular to remix in the CEDM community but has still managed to give the track a completely new and refreshing sound. This particular track, Better (originally by Britt Nicole), is a great example of just that. HNG 10 Really seems to let the vocals shine by adding minimally to the low portions of the track but the chorus has a complete EDM makeover with those beautiful future synths and future bass. I can’t place my taste on any particular part of this remix that makes it so addicting but I just know that it is. Please do take a listen and you’ll likely know just what I’m talking about. Good work here HNG 10.

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