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Bulletproof (RyujiViibes Remix) – Citizen Way

Who is up for some future funk? RyujiViibes appears to be a newer CEDM artist and has produced some good hitting tracks of various EDM genres. I think that this up and coming artist has much potential in the CEDM scene, especailly when making such original sounds like this! This remix of Bulletproof (originally by Citizen Way) is quite a catch. I usually don’t much care for future funk unless it is really good. I love this song. I absolutely love its originality and how RyujiViibes managed to make it hit so hard. They really inserted the added synths just right and the vocals are mixed just right to make for a fun and energetic track that just simply can’t fail to lift the listener’s mood. Thank you RyujiViibes for this fun track!

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