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I Will Dance (feat. Nick Winston) – VYLW

VYLW is one of those artists who dances on the cusp of gospel, pop, and CEDM. It’s really quite hard to place an appropriate genre for many of their tracks but I think that I like that about them. This particular track is a great example of what I’m talking about. This is fresh off of their recently released album and I think it is my favorite track of the album. I really enjoy the combination of an EDM tempo, EDM sounds, Gospel vocals, and a pop sort of vibe to it overall. It has a typical background EDM dolphin synth, a lead EDM sort of synth, but then there is that acoustic guitar gospel sound and vocals that really mesh quite well. I think that this track is quite a crowd please hit if you’re trying to convince your gospel mainstream friends of the merits of CEDM, ha ha.  Thank you VYLW.

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