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Known (Low Heart Remix) – Tauren Wells

Low Heart is a U.S. artist who has created his own tracks as well as some impressive remixes. I like his knack for remixing secular tracks with positive messages that can be interpreted in Godly ways. I love it when artists are particular like that in their selections of secular tracks. As of late, Low Heart has come out with many great tracks. Honestly, this was a hard choice to make to promote this track but I chose this one because it contains the most unambiguously Godly lyrics. Tauren Wells’ “Known” is a huge success in contemporary Christian circles and the remix potential was rightly recognized by Low Heart. I just love what he chose to do with the track. The added tropical-ish synths are just beautifully and originally blended with the beautiful lyrics of Tauren Wells. The timing of synchronization with the contemporary guitar and piano is also applaud worthy. Low Heart seems to have a knack for knowing how to add just the right amount of flare to a track. We thank you Low Heart for this great track!

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