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Puedo Bailar ( Karlizimo Remix) – Joel LIFE Feat Débora Ulhoa

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I had to get in at least one Melbourne bounce track and who better to do it with than Karlizimo? Rhetorical. Karlizimo is the king of Melbourne bounce and euro dance type tracks within the CEDM community. He mostly does remixes and he is very good at it. This particular track is a popular track in Spanish speaking circles as of late and also a popular remix template track. I really like how Karlizimo brought his unique style to the table and made quite a unique remix that is unlike any of the others that I have heard. This is a fast tempo Melbourne track and I think that the bounce sections are probably the most notable. One would be hard pressed to find a bounce section with more energy than this. Thank you Karlizimo!

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