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Reckless Love (Trelic Remix) – Cory Asbury

If you have not heard of Trelic then you need to.  He is an excellent addition to the CEDM community and he is one of those artists who has refined his skills over time to really make for a competitive artist. He has featured both remixes and original tracks and he seems to dabble much in the house and trap crossover genres. This particular track, a remix of Reckless Love, originally by Cory Asbury, should be very familiar to any church goers or gospel listeners. It’s been a staple of recent times in such communities. This track is also a very hard track to remix due to it’s highly acoustic sound, slow BPM, and slow melodic lyrics. When someone like Trelic creates a successful new EDM sound to such a track, I have to give it its due admiration. I love how well the trap synths of the drops in this track compliment the original sound and mood so well. He really adds to the emotion of the track and he keeps the composure while also adding that cool EDM flare to it. All to often, artists can go overboard with such tracks. Trelic keeps the remix simple, elegant, and good. Thank you Trelic for this hit!

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